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NoScript 5.0

NoScript Review:

 If you are using your Mozilla-based web browsers on your computer to browse websites, then you can install the NoScript free and powerful open source extension for Mozilla web browsers to get added security while browsing. The executable contents and plugins of a website will only be allowed by the application if you consider the site to be a trusted one. 

 What Is NoScript?

 NoScript extension for Mozilla web browsers is a very simple tool that will offer you complete security when you use your browser to browse websites on the net. It comes with a default setting of blocking all JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, Java and other plugins and executable contents. You have the option of allowing specific JavaScript, Java, Silverlight and other executable contents if you trust the website. You can allow the website you browse to run the scripts temporarily or even permanently when you are browsing the site regularly. NoScript will judge your browsing habits by itself and will work in the background. If you come across a malicious website or web page, it will promptly start its action.

 Key Features 

 - All active content, additional plugins are blocked by default in the Mozilla web based browsers. 
 - You have the option to allow executable contents on trusted websites. 
 - The blocked elements will be placed in a placeholder icon that you can access easily and you can click on the icon to turn on the blocked elements. 
 - You can find the NoScript as toolbar icon or as a status bar icon on every website that you visit. So, you will easily know if scripts are partially allowed or completely overlooked or fully allowed for the site you visit. 
 - ClearClick feature offers you protection from clickjacking attacks on the web. 


 The NoScript gives you the freedom to allow permission for the scripts to run or block completely or partially for individual websites. You have the option of creating a whitelist of all trusted websites and give permission to allow scripts for all sites opened using bookmarks. All popular plugins and executable contents can be blocked or allowed using NoScript tool. 

 NoScript is a very handy application to install on your computer if you do web browsing often. It will help in keeping security threats from various scripts on the website you browse at bay. It will also help in reducing your bandwidth consumption and also the use of system resources.

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